Terms and Conditions

Edvisor Academy's (EA) International Education Agent Training Course Terms and Conditions

By registering and paying course fees, or deposit (where applicable), the student agrees to the below Terms and Conditions of Enrolment.

Terms and Conditions are subject to change.

Entry requirements

There are no specific academic or language requirements to undertake the International Education Agent Training Course. However, basic computer skills and English Language skills equivalent to an IELTS 5.0 is recommended.  Official Government Photo Identification is required to undertake the course.

General conditions of enrolment

  1. Students must complete the registration form and pay the relevant fees.
  2. Students must achieve satisfactory academic progress throughout their course to ensure they are able to complete their course within 6 months.
  3. All courses offered by Edvisor Academy are subject to change and availability without prior notice.

Student responsibility

Students are responsible for their own property including Course materials, and all personal items. Edvisor Academy will not take responsibility for any damaged items or loss of property.

Course fees

  1. All fees are payable as stated by Edvisor Academy at the time of registration. Course fees are payable prior to commencement or as per the agreed monthly payment plan.
  2. Course fees are correct at time of publishing but are subject to change without prior notification.
  3. Students course fees quoted include all course materials, online resources and quizzes, and consultant/manager mentoring assistance.
  4. Course fees are required to be paid in full by the student even if he/she does not complete the course. A $50 per week penalty may apply for late payments.
  5. If the student is under 18 the parent/guardian is responsible for the payment of the course fees.
  6. Failure to pay Course fees may result in the student’s enrolment being cancelled. Notification with an “Intention to Cancel” will be issued by Edvisor Academy. The student will have 20 working days to appeal this decision via the Edvisor Academy complaints and appeals policy.

Variation to course enrolments

Defer commencement of course

  1. Students can defer the commencement of their Course for #compassionate and compelling reasons, as deemed sensible by Edvisor Academy Administration.

Student suspension

  1. Students can apply to temporarily suspend their studies during the Course on #compassionate and compelling grounds (Leave of Absence). The Leave of Absence will be granted for a maximum period of 6 months. All fees paid will be held by Edvisor Academy for this period (without penalty). If the student then later cancels or goes beyond this suspended period, all fees paid will automatically be yielded to Edvisor Academy.
  2. A student’s enrolment may also be suspended due to misconduct – deemed as inappropriate or unacceptable.

Cancellation of enrolment

  1. Edvisor Academy may cancel a student’s enrolment due to unacceptable or inappropriate behaviour.
  2. Non-payment of fees after a warning has been issued will result in cancellation of the students course.
  3. When a student cancels from a course, or a student does not engage in their course– despite Edvisor Academy counselling, the student will be formally notified and given a period in which to re-engage with their studies. If this re-engagement does not take place, the student will be withdrawn from the course & course fees will be held by Edvisor Academy.

# Compassionate or Compelling Circumstances are defined as:

Circumstances that are beyond the control of a student and which have an impact upon the student’s course progress or wellbeing. These may include:

  • serious illness or injury, where a medical certificate states that the student is unable to study
  • bereavement of close family members such as parents or grandparents (where a death certificate should be provided) or
  • a traumatic experience, which has impacted the student (these cases should be supported by police or psychologists’ reports), which could include an involvement in, or witnessing of an accident, or witnessing or being the victim of crime.

N.B. The above are only some examples of what may be considered compassionate or compelling circumstances. Each application for Course Variation will be assessed independently and based on documented evidence to support their deferment, suspension or cancellation.

Refund policy

For full information please refer to the Edvisor Academy Refund Policy.

Further Details

Anti-discrimination act

Edvisor Academy ensures that it provides all services without discrimination and in unity with the requirements of any relevant legislative requirements of the Commonwealth and/or States.

Access and equity

Edvisor Academy embraces diversity in the student body in respect of age, gender, cultural upbringing, and socio-economic status.

Change of address and/or telephone numbers

Contact details are kept enabling Edvisor Academy to communicate with students regarding important information and course material.


At Edvisor Academy, a student must achieve an overall 80% competency in each of their quizzes to be deemed as having passed their course.

If Edvisor Academy suspects the student of academic misconduct (cheating) in the exam, or at any time, Edvisor Academy reserves the right to suspend the students account and login.

Students will have up to three attempts in the quizzes if they are not successful on an attempt.  Should the student fail in their final attempt, the student may pay another assessment fee of $220 for another 3 attempts.

Complaints and appeals

Edvisor Academy has a process in place to support students in providing a resolution for a complaint and/or appeal.

Edvisor Academy will handle all appeals, disputes and/or complaints in accordance with the policies and procedures. For further details, please see the Edvisor Academy’s Complaints and Appeals process.


Edvisor Academy will ensure every care is taken to record your information correctly and accurately. Edvisor Academy staff will treat your information with the utmost level of confidentiality. Information will be kept securely and used only for authorised purposes.

Testimonials may also be sort for promotional purpose. In order to provide/use these personal details, Edvisor Academy will seek to obtain the student’s permission.

You are entitled to ask about any information pertaining to the collection of your personal details. Edvisor Academy is guided by the Australian Privacy Principles and protects your privacy in accordance with these guidelines.

Please see our Privacy Policy on our website for further details.

Reissue of results or verification of results

Whereby the electronic certificate has been misplaced, destroyed, lost or stolen, a replacement certificate can be reissued. To be issued with a reissued certificate, a student will be required to email the request to admin@edvisoracademy.com.au and pay the associated fee.

Reissue of Certificate Fee: $25.50


Upon successful completion of a qualification or course, a Certificate of Completion will be issued. A certificate cannot be issued unless all requirements of the course/qualification have been successfully completed.

If any changes are made to the Edvisor Academy Terms and Conditions, we will update the details on our website: www.edvisoracademy.com.au. Edvisor Academy reserves the right to make changes to these Terms and Conditions to which you have agreed, at any time. It is the student’s responsibility to periodically check this website for the latest details and information pertaining to these Terms and Conditions to which you are bound.

EA Student Referral Rewards Program Terms & Conditions


The Student Referral Reward Program Terms and Conditions have been developed to clarify how Edvisor Academy (EA) students can refer potential students in to EA and other Australian education institutions and be rewarded through the EA Student Referral Reward Program.

By registering and paying student fees, or deposit (for payment plans), the EA Student agrees to the below Terms and Conditions. EA may revise or amend these Terms and Conditions at any time at our discretion by posting revised terms on this website. Such revisions will be effective immediately.

If you continue to be an EA Student after any revision becomes effective, you agree to be bound by these revised Terms and Conditions. As such it is recommended that you visit this page periodically to ensure you are aware of the current Terms and Conditions to which you are bound.


Participation in the EA Student Referral Reward Program is under the following terms and conditions:

(1) The EA Student warrants that by accepting these Terms and Conditions, he/she is not in breach of any other contractual or legal obligations;

(2) The EA Student will:

  • act professionally and ethically at all the times, and uphold the reputation of the Australian International Education and Training sectors;
  • have their student referrals complete the Edvisor Academy Expression of Interest Form prior to uploading support documents into EA’s Customer Relationship Management System (CRM);
  • refer prospective students to EA via EA’ssecure CRM located on the EA website;
  • liaise, translate and interpret between EA and prospective student/s (ifrequired).

(3) The EA Student must not:

  • provide advice on course information and educational institution selection to prospective students without consultation with the Student Hotline Adviser;
  • handle any Australian educational institution application or visa application (unless you are qualified to do so);
  • refer prospective students to any International Education Agency in Australia or overseas without prior EA approval;
  • provide false or misleading marketing information to prospective students, or mislead/deceive prospective students in any way;
  • advertise an Australian Education Institution without EA’s prior approval;
  • accept money from prospective or current students, this includes any study related fees such as course application fees, tuition fees, Overseas Student Health Cover, accommodation, airport pick-up or any other fees.

(4) The EA Student Referral Reward payments are payable by EA for each successfully enrolled student as per Table 1 below.

  • Please note: the EA Student will receive a flat commission rate of 20% for each enrolment regardless of the enrolment number if the referral is an introduction of the student ONLY i.e. EA’s Partner Agent handles the enquiry from the initial introduction, captures and data enters the student’s details into the Customer Relationship Management system, completes all paperwork and follow-up for the application and enrolment; and converts the student.
  • Enrolment number will be calculated based on the enrolment date. For example, if a student was referred to EA and our Partner Agency in October 2019 and commences her study in February 2020, this student will be considered as an enrolment for year 2020.
  • If one student is enrolled in several different courses, it will only be considered as another enrolment if the course is from a different level. For example, if Alice is successfully enrolled in February 2019 General English course, April 2019 EAP course, June 2019 IELTS Preparation course, August 2019 Diploma course and July 2020 Bachelor course, the number of enrolments will be two in 2019 (English + Diploma) and one in 2020 (Bachelor).

#An enrolment is deemed successful when the student receives a letter of offer, they accept the offer, pay their tuition fees, receive a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE), commence their studies and pass their institutions census date.

Table 1

Number of Enrolments Per Annum

Revenue Payable*

Condition of Commission Payment

> 1



EA Student introduces student ONLY. Partner Agent handles all referred student’s enquiries, follow-ups, data-entry, paperwork, and conversions.

> 1



EA Student must complete all consultation and communications with referred student, data entry and maintenance of student file in the Application Management Platform, document collection and convert student.

* EA Student Referral Reward Payment is based on the above percentage of commission payable based on the commission received from partner institutions once student has passed their institution’s census date.

(5) EA may not be able to process all applications from offshore high-risk countries or countries not supported by our partner agents. EA will notify the EA Student or Graduate in writing if their referral is from a non-supported country on receipt of the Expression of Interest Form.

Commission Payment Dates

The EA Students must issue an invoice and send it to EA once the census date has passed for the referred student. The EA Student is entitled to receive commission from EA and our Partner Agent on Payment Dates listed in Table 2:

Table 2

Months when commission received by EA and Partner Agent

EA Student Referral Payment Dates

January and February 2023

3rd Friday of March 2023

March and April 2023

3rd Friday of May 2023

May and June 2023

3rd Friday of July 2023

July and August 2023

3rd Friday of September 2023

September and October 2023

3rd Friday of November 2023

November and December 2023

3rd Friday of January 2024

(6)  The EA Student agrees to work with EA on an exclusive basis in the field of student recruitment and visa services while enrolled in an EA Course, and up until one year after graduation or cancellation of their EA course. If the EA Student is a qualified Migration Agent, they may provide advice on visa services to their students/referrals. In the case of any breach of the EA Student Referral Reward Program Terms and Conditions, the EA Student agrees to forfeit all future Student Referral Reward Payments for student referrals.

(7) If an EA Student requests that their commission payment/s be paid into an international bank account, the EA Student agrees to pay the International Transfer Fee (usually between AUD$18-$25).

(8)  If the EA Student breaches any provision of these Terms and Conditions, the EA Student may be terminated by EA at any time and with immediate effect by giving written notice.

(9)  If these Terms and Conditions are breached and/or terminated, the EA Student will forfeit all moneys owing for current and future students referred to EA.

(10)  The EA Student will at all times indemnify EA and its respective officers and employees (in this clause referred to as “those indemnified”) from and against any loss (including reasonable legal costs and expenses) or liability reasonably incurred or suffered by any of those indemnified arising from any suit, action or proceeding by any person against any of those indemnified where such loss or liability was caused by any willful, unlawful or negligent act or omission of the EA Student in connection with these Terms and Conditions. The EA Student’s liability to indemnify those indemnified under this clause will reduce proportionally to the extent that any act or omission of those indemnified contributed to the loss.


Edvisor Academy will ensure every care is taken to record your information correctly and accurately. Edvisor Academy staff will treat your information with the utmost level of confidentiality. Information will be kept securely and used only for authorised purposes.

You are entitled to ask about any information pertaining to the collection of your personal details. Edvisor Academy is guided by the Australian Privacy Principles and protects your privacy in accordance with these guidelines.

Please see our Privacy Policy for further details.